Requesting Emerson Drive Singles
Help Emerson Drive and request "Moments."

Disclaimer: This is put together by fans, not by anyone in Emerson Drive's camp.

OK everyone. We need your help requesting Emerson Drive's latest single and video "Moments." If you would like to help Emerson Drive, please follow these instructions and also send this out to your friends.

IMPORTANT: Only post this on Emerson Drive related sites or personal sites, DO NOT post this on other artists' message boards or websites. Thanks!


Listed are links for radio station websites and phone numbers for both the US and Canada. The song peaked at #6 in Canada and is in the top-35 in the US, but it would be nice to eventually get to the #1 spot, which will help get their "Countrified" CD out on time.

When requesting, the #1 rule is PLEASE be courteous. It's frustrating when a radio station says they don't have the single, but being rude really isn't going to do much other than make you feel better (for a couple of minutes) by telling them off. It makes Emerson Drive fans look bad and could cause future problems for Emerson Drive at that station, so please be nice.

Also, please only call once per DJ per day, and please only call the stations in your area that you can listen to. The stations do have caller ID.

If you listen to an online station and want to request Emerson Drive, please tell them the truth about where you live and that you are listening online. They might even be impressed that you are tuning in.

Radio station links:
(They don't have all country music stations, but most likely all the big stations. This does include Canada as well, and they show you which stations have online streaming.)

Radio Locator:
(Although it says US and asks you to list "state," you can put in province codes and Canada stations will pop up as well. This might be a little harder to find, considering it lists all formats.)

Country Radio Locator from

XM/Sirius Radio:

To vote on XM Radio, go here:

To vote on Sirius Radio, go here:


There are websites you can vote for "Moments," as well.



* CMT (US):
To watch the video on, go here:
(This does help get them airplay on CMT.)

Also, posting on their message board and the Top-20 Countdown site helps as well.

E-drive board:
Top-20 board:

* GAC:

GAC Top-20 (this one IS fan voted):

* CMT Canada:

Big-12 Karaoke:
Big 12:
Chevy Top-20 message board:

"Countrified" CD release: The CD is out now-- so tell your friends about it, have them go to the site and listen to clips and they can buy their own copy in stores!

For CD information, "Countrified" song clips, and any other information on Emerson Drive, please go to
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This page was last updated: March 26, 2007
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