Emerson Drive To Do List:
The Keys for Success
This page was last updated on: March 26, 2007
1. Go to the GAC Top-20 Page and vote for "Moments."

2. Go to the CMT Canada Chevy Top-20 Page and vote for "Countrified Soul."

3. While at CMT.ca, go to the Chevy Top-20 message board and post about Emerson Drive and "Countrified Soul."

4. Go to Emerson Drive's CMT Page and watch the video for "Moments."

5. While on Emerson Drive's CMT page, visit their message board and post a message (or two).

6. While on CMT.com, visit the Top-20 message board and request them to play "Moments."

7. US fans: log in to Emerson Drive's I-squad and request "Moments."

8. Call your local radio station(s) and ask them to play the current single in your area (but always be polite).

9. Go visit E-drive's My Space and leave the guys a comment!

10. Go watch Emerson Drive's 330 Sessions on CMT.com
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